I partner with people on a 1:1 basis, in groups and with and within organizations on topics related to our work life, and our non-work life. 

I bring a comprehensive understanding of how the brain works, in depth training on people and change, and over 20+ years of leadership experience to your agenda.

I work in ways that leverage how the brain works, increase cognitive capacity, and shift the dynamics toward gathering what is needed to specify the exact and measurable goal, address the obstacles, evaluate the value, shift the mindset and takes steps toward the desired outcome.   

People work with me:

  • enjoy the insights and tactical applications and evidence from the brain sciences,
  • are ready to do the work to think in new ways about self, others, collaboration, and leadership, 
  • want to take new action toward different results, 
  • would benefit from a collaborative pathfinder toward the future vision for self, teams, and work products.

Those who work with me are promised:

  • Undivided attention, presence, and listening; both to what you say and what's between the lines.
  • Unconditional regard for your agenda, your risks and rewards, your unique outlook, and your vulnerabilities.  
  • Creative, action oriented, humor filled, communications that inspire new action.
  • Proven methodologies and brain friendly approaches to goal setting and navigating through change.
  • Tools and models to use in and out of work such that your experience builds your future toolkit.

Coaching is a methodology that:

  • uses conversation, questions, and discovery tools as a way to surface insights and information needed for what you want to achieve
  • believes that most compelling answers and actions are generated from within and through a whole person approach that includes the exploration of priorities, values,  life stage, goals, uncertainties, and challenges 
  • allows for meaningful consideration, planning, idea generation, sound boarding, learning, and path setting in a partnership designed singularly to uphold your agenda
  • ​can be likened to product development - and the product is you


​​​ Debbie Raybold, PCC 

Partnership & Process


With over 20 years of leadership and executive leadership experience paired with credentialing in neuroscience and coaching, Debra Raybold is a partner for the path of a different future.

Her specialities include a strength based approach to incorporating the brain based sciences into work with individuals, teams, and organizations to expand success in individual performance, operational design, team dynamics, navigating life and work transitions and creating new outcomes.

Debra brings evidence based strategies, content expertise, real world application, hands on experience, and a knack for simplifying complexities into projects in ways that others quickly engage in new perspectives, useable models, and focused actions that boost self-mastery, efficacy, performance outcomes, and overall wellbeing. 


  • Over 20 years of leadership and executive leadership experience.  
  • Over 10 years of brain based coaching, consulting, educating, and partnering toward what's next.  


  • Neuroscience of Leadership Post-Grad Certification
  • Certified Hudson Institute of Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - International Coaching Federation
  • B.A., Psychology, University of New Hampshire​

Advanced Training and Certification:  

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Meyer Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) 
  • Renewing Teams in Changing Times
  • MBS Leadership Assessment 

Previous Roles:  

  • Director, Brain Health Center of a hospital based community brain health center
  • Chief Operating Officer for a physician owned multi-specialty group
  • Executive Director of two non-profit agencies
  • Director of Innovation for a multi-service line behavioral health organization.​  

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