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​Bring More Brain to Coaching ~ A 9 minute ZED talk

Hudson Institute for Coaching's Advance Coaching Seminar 2016

Delegate to a Seasoned Expert


  • Streamline your thinking and planning.  Gain new perspectives and ideas.
  • Tap into the array of best practice models and creative ideas a consultant can provide.
  • Boost the stickiness of trainings, presentations and program designs through brain friendly principles.
  • Explore the programs, workshops and webinars available. 

Grow as a Leader and Professional


  • Use neuroscience insights to align with the people around you, even during uncertainty and times of fast change.
  • Bolster your ability to motivate, influence, delegate and negotiate.
  • Understand the dynamics of resistance and create psychological safety.
  • Position yourself to enhanced present successes and achieve your future targets. 

 Science Based Strategies + Personalized Approach = Forward Momentum

Great things start with hello.

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Navigate Personal And Professional Change

  • Learn how change works and build your toolkit for the road ahead.
  • ​Get clear on what you want, where you're starting from and create a plan to move forward.
  • Be prepared with interview prep, resume reviews, value proposition development and more.
  • ​Be supported with an empathetic, objective, thought partner who holds your agenda with and for you. 

Strengthen the Foundations


  • Cultivate and leverage a calm and focused mind.  Develop your authentic style, presence, and voice.
  • Get unstuck; address the obstacles and build momentum.    
  • Tune-up your mindset and agility. Be resilient, courageous and fulfilled.
  • Create whole person habits and mindsets for wellbeing, productivity, courage and sustainability.

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