​​​​​Leverage your wisdom and learn to use the neuroscience roadmaps for personal agility and resilience, brain friendly leadership, and the art and science of living into your desired future. 

I coach and thought partner with people to see new ways through a pattern or situation they face.

Live and work on your terms

Live long and live well  


I consult with individuals, families and organizations on brain friendly designs to expand resilience to dementia.

Better understand your brain or the trajectory of a loved one with dementia. Engage in confidential scenario planning, capacity building, making sense of new challenges, addressing stress, and developing resources for yourself and/or if you live with a loved one with dementia.

Find your path forward  

Increase confidence and impact   


The world today offers less time to ramp up, feel comfortable and work linearly.  We are called to have clarity

focus, momentum, and impact.   Remove obstacles and solidly navigate today while preparing for your tomorrows.  

I bring toolkits, strategies, and conversations that unlock constraints and create action toward what's next.

Be in motion   

Take a Peek! 

​Bring More Brain to Coaching ~ A 9 minute ZED talk

Hudson Institute for Coaching's Advance Coaching Seminar 2016

 science-based coaching + personalized collaboration = outcomes you want

Great things start with hello.

Set up a complimentary phone call today.

Cave out time and space for trajectory planning.  Explore and strengthen competencies like presence, influence, communication, resume building,  interview preparation, life and career transitions, and message framing.

I am a trusted collaborator for creating clarity around what you want versus what you have and finding the starting point.