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​National presenter on the neuroscience of leadership, working efficiently, finding purpose and meaning, brain health and wellness, lifestyle habits of effective minds and more. Custom projects also include freelance writing, email whispering (ask me!) , brain based resumes, interview role plays,  assessments, & bio and content development. 

"I never thought learning about the brain would be so empowering and effective."​ 


Consulting pairs your targeted outcome with accounting for how people learn, change, and what they want and need to engage at their best. The teams we all want to be part of are the result of an aligned top down vision paired with purposeful engagement, messaging, and operations. Identify the opportunity, create the workflow, measure results. 

​"Deb used her skills in navigating ambiguity to help us identify the opportunities and areas for development, both individually and organizationally"


partnerships ,presentations, and support in the form you need

Coaching is a dynamic evidence based process in which through conversation, questions, discovery, and learning, you quickly gain clarity, new perspectives and insight to create your unique path to to answers you need and the results you want.  Coaching is transformational and fosters the mindset, habits, EQi, capacity, resilience and swagger to live, lead, and work the way you picture.​

​"we started with the notion of somethings got to change...simply put, Debbie helped me make my goals a reality." 


​Bring More Brain to Coaching ~ A 10 minute ZED talk

Hudson Institute for Coaching's Advance Coaching Seminar 2016

training and development · facilitation and operational planning 

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life planning · career navigation and performance 


conversations about brain health - yours and others


​Conversations on one or many aspects of brain health including when an Alzheimer's or other dementia diagnosis is made:

  • strategies to implement now that create resilience and less risk of dementia in the future,
  • understanding the elements of brain health and how daily routines impact present and future thinking and memory, 
  • shifting expectations,  making sense of behavior changes, and learning new communication strategies with a loved one, 
  • using how the brain inherently works to navigate living with dementia and extending cognitive functionality
  • questions, answers, scenario planning, stress management, and resource development

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