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Assessments are a data driven way to gain perspective of who you are, how you see and are seen, and how to play to your  strengths and opportunities?  Why consider an assessment?

  • More than 90% of our decisions, reactions, and motivations are non-conscious.  Learn what's behind what drives you. 
  • Benchmarked information on how you perform is like getting a best self owner's manual. 

​"I never thought learning about the brain would be so empowering and effective."​


Coaching is a dynamic conversation based process that works from the inside out.  Rather than being told what to do, through conversation, questions, discovery, and learning, you quickly gain clarity, new perspectives and confidence to create your unique right path to to answers you need and the results you want.  Foster the mindset, habits, capacity, resilience and swagger to live, lead, and work the way you picture.

​"we started with the notion of somethings got to change...simply put, Debbie helped me make my goals a reality." 

See the 10 minute ZED talk.

​"Bring More Brain to Coaching"

operational consulting · project based assessments and work plans · partnerships to leverage the brain

​​Built for how the brain learns, group programs create stickiness through stories, metaphors, tactical application, and personal relevance.  Keynotes, workshops, trainings, and webinars capture attention, activate learning, include useable techniques, and inspire action.   No wordy PowerPoint here!  Ask about popular topics on brain health, leadership, and performance.

"was a little wary of what this might be about but actually think it was life changing for me."


life planning · career navigation and performance · transitions · balance and purpose tune-ups

 assessments · emotional intelligence · brain based leadership · mbti

​​​facilitated professional training and development · educational brain health and wellbeing programs 

Design the desired future   

The teams we all want to be part of are the result of an aligned top down vision paired with purposeful engagement, 

messaging, and operations.  Account for what people need and want to engage at their best.  Clarify the goal, identify the opportunity, and build a plan for success. Ask about other services including: email whispering , brain based resumes, interview role plays, bio and content development.

"Deb used her skills in navigating ambiguity to help us identify the opportunities and areas for development, both individually and organizationally"


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