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A specialist in the neuroscience of leadership and wellbeing for those striving to be their best and make a difference.  Presentations,  facilitation, assessments, brain based resumes, email whispering, interview preparation and more for when it helps to have another perspective. 

"I never thought learning about the brain would be so empowering and effective."​ 

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Bring wisdom, heart, and smarts to all you do.  Learn to use the science of people and change to illuminate what we all want and need to engage, stay motivated, be productive, and find peace of mind.  Create a path to achieve your aspirations. ​​​​​

​"Deb used her skills in navigating ambiguity to help us identify the opportunities and areas for development."

Sometimes you just want someone else to do it. Consultation and support to get it done.  

​​Leverage the skills you have.  Develop the skills and resources you need.  

Live and work the way you really want. Coaching for leaders and professionals in emotional intelligence, aligning values and meaning, expanding poise, potential, communications, and confidence.  It's easier than you think.   

​"We started with the notion of 'something's got to change'...simply put, Debbie helped me make my goals a reality." 

Safe space for conversations about brain health - yours and others

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​Bring More Brain to Coaching ~ A 9 minute ZED talk

Hudson Institute for Coaching's Advance Coaching Seminar 2016

Professional success and accomplishment.  Personal transition and ease.   

From idea to action   

Explore how daily routines impact present and future thinking, memory and dementia resilience. Living with a loved one with dementia? Make sense of behavior changes and learn new communication styles. A confidential place for scenario planning, stress management, and resource development. 

"Thank you as always for your time, effort, caring, support and outstanding professional skills on our behalf."