Personal and professional wayfinding


Whether you are a new or seasoned leader, navigating a project, a conversation, your career or a life transition, that feeling that 'you got this'  happens with skill and confidence development, intentional choices, and focused action:

  • Scaffold new skills to arrive at your target for presence, public speaking, purpose, strategic direction and more.
  • ​Catch up with who you are now versus the past you. Live and work in ways that bring meaning and fulfillment.
  • Plan your career transitions, job hunting, interview prep, resume writing, value proposition development and more. 

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​Bring More Brain to Coaching ~ A 9 minute ZED talk

Hudson Institute for Coaching's Advance Coaching Seminar 2016

Chart the path  

Self-mastery and wellbeing coaching


Self-awareness, aligning with what's important to you, and leveraging your strengths is the fast track to the meaning, confidence, influence and impact. Solidify the foundation of self:

  • Cultivate and leverage your unique strengths.  Develop your authentic style, presence and voice.
  • ​Get unstuck, address the obstacles, overcome resistance.  Master communications, productivity, and energy.
  • Tame the inner critic, tune-up your mindset and agility, be resilient, courageous and fulfilled. 

Consulting, facilitating, training and speaking


With an array of best practice models and creative ideas, plus broad expertise and experience, sometimes a custom designed partnership is just what you need to launch:

  • Streamline your thinking and planning.  Gain new perspectives and ideas.
  • Boost the stickiness of trainings, presentations and program designs through leveraging what science knows works.
  • Learn about the programs available, the projects that have previously been delivered and what might fit for you. 

Leadership development


Stay on course toward that leader you want to be. Use neuroscience to align with the people around you and become a brain-friendly leader.  Utilize the science based roadmaps for leadership presence, agility and impact:  

  • Enhance emotional intelligence.  Navigate complexity, resistance and create psychological safety.
  • Bolster your competitive edge with science based ways to motivate, influence, delegate and negotiate with others.
  • Position yourself for your present success and your future target. 

 proven strategies and models + personalized partnership  = outcomes you want

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