Do you love knowing what makes people tick?  Leverage the neuroscience roadmaps to brain friendly leadership, personal development and the art and science of living into your dreams. 

I partner with people to answer questions, create solutions, re-tool old habits and get better at their craft. 

Live long and live well.  Safe space for conversations about brain health - yours and others

Connect the dots.  Candid conversations infused with neuroscience insights lead to big ahas.

Be in motion   


I consult with individuals, families and organizations on brain friendly designs to expand resilience to dementia.

Better understand your brain or the trajectory of a loved one with dementia. Engage in confidential scenario planning, capacity building, making sense of new challenges, addressing stress, and developing resources for yourself and/or if you live with a loved one with dementia.

Take that next step.  Level up to live and work on your terms.

Take a Peek! 

Ignore Mickey...he was from a previous presenter!

​Bring More Brain to Coaching ~ A 9 minute ZED talk

Hudson Institute for Coaching's Advance Coaching Seminar 2016

 proven methodology + personalized partnerships = outcomes you want

Great things start with hello.

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Ready to own who you are and refine your presence?  Learn more best practice formulas to improve speaking and presentations,  project planning, resume building, document development, interview preparation, life and career transitions, and message framing.

I am a known trusted advisor, teacher, and collaborator for using brain health principles to develop the product and services of you.

Increase your impact.   


The world today offers less time to ramp up, feel comfortable and work linearly.  We are called to have clarity

focus, and impact on what's most important  ~ not only for today, however also for the upcoming tomorrows.  

I bring toolkits, strategies, and conversations that polish up where you are now and target what's next.