Advanced Training and Certification: 


  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Meyer Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) 
  • Renewing Teams in Changing Times and Planning for Change, The Hudson Institute of Coaching
  • MBS Leadership Assessment 
  • ​Conscious Business Coaching Certified
  • ACE Coach Accelerator Core Practitioner

Past times: 

Home is where I am in any moment as I live in 2-4 places a year, chasing sunsets and exploring new communities. 

An avid reader, an on-going learner, always fascinated by the human journey, what makes us tick, and how we can tick better. 

​​​​​​​Debra Raybold 

Years of MultiFaceted Experience To Leverage 

​​Previous Roles -  Over 20 years of leadership and executive leadership experience. 


  • Chief Operating Officer for a physician-owned multi-specialty group (also held Director of Marketing and Physician Recruitment)
  • Director, Brain Health Center of a hospital-based community brain health center
  • Executive Director of two non-profit agencies
  • Director of Innovation for a multi-service line behavioral health organization 

Additional Roles:  

  • Author of Life Management for the Service Coordinator, a distance learning module through Ohio State University
  • ​Author of  The Change Map Infographic
  • Author of  4 Steps to Better Brain Performance, Even During Times of Stress
  • Peer reviewer and past national conference presenter with American Society on Aging. (And BrainWorks was a MetLife MindAlert Award Winner.) 


  • ​It's time to identify what's next and chart a path to get there.

  • You're an on-going learner, love the brain sciences, and want to keep growing.

  • Tackling what's depleting energy, motivation and resilience.  

  • Expanded influence, executive presence, and communications savvy is needed to be more effective.

  • A confidence boost and some quieting of an inner critic voice would unleash more of your strengths.

  • A sounding board and objective thought partner would help in sense and decision-making.

  • Balance and wellbeing has been replaced by overwhelm amidst expectations and constant change.

  • Gaining perspective and some thought partnership on feedback received or a message to deliver.

  • Life or work threw you a curve ball and you need a new plan.

   Credentials  - Over 15 years and 3000 hours of individual coaching​.  

  • Certified  Positive Psychology Coach, Positive Acorn (Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener)
  • Neuroscience of Leadership, Middlesex University & NeuroLeadership Institute
  • Certified Hudson Institute of Coaching Executive, Leadership, Career and Transition Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) - International Coaching Federation
  • B.A., Psychology, University of New Hampshire


Those that work with me often describe the impacts as:

  • Feeling better equipped to face the demands of their job in ways that they can remain authentic and aligned with their values. 

  • Gaining self-awareness around what's important to them in who they are and not just what they are trying to do.  

  • Sharpening their skills and strategies around communication, and navigating through high stake situations, change and uncertainty.  

  • Understanding the dynamics involved in important or difficult situations and arriving at at an action plan for responding.  

  • Embracing and leveraging their strengths toward more confidence, agility and resilience.

Those who work with me are promised:

  • Undivided attention, both to what you say and what's between the lines.
  • Unconditional regard for your agenda, your risks and rewards, your unique outlook.  
  • Outcome-oriented, relevant conversation with a little humor tossed in.
  • Tools and frameworks to use again and again as you go forward.​​

​​I work with people to create change.   They want a future where something they are doing or feeling is different than it is today.   

Those who work with me have an agenda and are seeking objective thought partnership, coaching, or consulting to clarify their thinking, develop their skills, find their blind spots, get unstuck, reflect on their progress, embrace their strengths, and make decisions and choices for more meaning, ease, and success moving forward.  

I bring insights from science, decades of experience, and an easily relatable safe presence to conversations that guide you to new awareness, growth, strategy, and confidence.  I've spent thousands of hours in conversations with amazing people around the globe as they reflect, consider, learn, plan, and shift.

And, I am not a bot!  I am an active listener, a thoughtful and sounding board, and am very comfortable talking about the complexity of the human journey, including our mindsets, worries, challenges and dreams.  My life hasn't been a straight path and I've personally faced many of challenges and opportunities that coaching supports.  ​​