​​​"Debbie has been a sounding board, listening ear, and guiding light for me through so many professional milestones. From navigating difficult conversations to unpacking career paths to interview preparation, Debbie brings wisdom, insight, and openness to every conversation. She has been and continues to be a critical part of my career journey!" - RJ, Facebook

"I have worked with Debbie at two distinct times in my life that led to huge transitions. I believe that she helped me manifest my dreams into reality and gave me peace of mind, confidence, understanding, and concrete tools that helped me get a handle on the things that were holding me back and the courage to reach beyond my imagination. She helped me believe in my strengths, articulate them, and share them with others. I am so grateful to Debbie for her coaching and mentorship that has helped me live a happier life."  ML, Development Director, Petaluma River Park Foundation

"Debbie is a fantastic coach. I'm always impressed with Debbie's ability to demonstrate so much empathy and care, while challenging me and holding me accountable on my growth at the same time. This is the best a coachee could hope for! "  - VN, Director Outreach, SafetyWing

​​​"Debbie is an exceptional coach, creates the space and provides input, tools and insight when needed. She understands when to offer help, and when to apply the right amount of pressure to make sure I was doing the work that could result in sustainable change." - Elaine Hernandez, CHRO, Jewish Miami Health System

“Debbie has the unique gift to humanize business. She creates a productive, personalized and non-threatening approach to change.” – JH, MD., South Bend Clinic 

"Debbie is clearly one of the best people with whom I have worked -- she has my strongest endorsement." - Matt B, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

​"At a critical point in my career where satisfaction was low and my performance was struggling, Debbie helped guide me through the process of grounding myself in my core beliefs, values and skills and then helped me discover key areas where I needed to change in order to progress and grow to that next level. She has an amazing ability to guide people through the discovery and change journey and I am grateful for the time I had to work with her."  - MD, Global Marketing Manager 

“Debbie balances a unique bottom line, results oriented approach with an intuitive grasp of the individual.” – Paul Meyer, CEO, The South Bend Clinic

"Debra's professionalism, breadth of experience and deep understanding of neuroscience make her a standout personal and executive coach. She is highly effective and has a special ability to quickly understand the underlying dynamics and motivate individuals and teams to create successful outcomes..." - Barbara Waxman, Executive Coach & Author


"...Debbie has changed my experience of work and my sense of self in more ways than I can put into words. I feel I am an entirely different person today than when I started working with her; specifically in my sense of groundedness and confidence in who I am. I leave every meeting we have with a renewed sense of excitement for my life and tangible practices to improve areas I’m feeling stuck in, practices that truly work in creating change. I highly recommend working with Debbie to everyone I know."   - JP, Procore Technologies

​“I feel as if I have the tools to be in control of my future as well as the tools to let go of what I am not in control of. Deb used her skills in navigating ambiguity to help us identify the opportunities and areas for development, both individually and organizationally“ – WJ, Vice President, Sales and Marketing 


“Coaching has helped me define who I am, what I need and what makes me happy.  This process has made me feel more confident in pursuing my goals vs. settling for where I am.  I could not even put a dollar value on this experience....what is your happiness and future happiness worth?” – SW, Physician Practice Manager 

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